Gain insight into your production speeds

To properly assess performance, you need to monitor productivity per machine and per employee. MultiPress shows the production speeds of printing presses and finishing equipment in a clear overview.

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Based on your selection, MultiPress automatically retrieves the necessary data from the database. You can get an overview of detailed press speeds:  total number of prints, number of prints per hour, set-up times, total number of plates, number of plates per hour.

With the finishing item, the screen shows the total finishing, number of copies and number of copies per hour.

With this overview of average printing and finishing set-up times, MultiPress makes the performance of your production environment clear at a glance.

You can make a selection per machine, per employee, per customer or a combination thereof. That way, you can make comparisons between machines, employees and customers. You can also call up the speeds in a given period.

  • Clear overview: average speeds and set-up times together in one screen
  • Control: The MultiPress Production speeds module provides insight into speeds per machine, employee and customer
  • Efficient: the overview of production speeds makes it possible to make timely adjustments and predict business operations