Quick and correct invoicing is a prerequisite for timely payments. With MultiPress, you have all the information at a glance and can highly automate the creation of invoices. 

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With MultiPress you can choose manually or fully automatically which order or orders to generate an invoice. All required data is immediately collected and visualised. You can view the post-calculation and add extra lines of text or adjust data on the invoice if necessary. 
Generating a partial invoice or combining several orders on a collective invoice is also easy and quick

At customer level you can agree on the method of invoicing such as frequency. For some customers a collective invoice at the end of the month is preferred, while others may prefer to receive their bills daily or weekly.
MultiPress makes it possible to fully automate these preferences for each customer.  You can easily adapt the layout of your invoice according to the wishes of individual customers: the invoice number to be displayed at the top right of the page or the total amount highlighted in an extra large font? Anything is possible!

  • Efficient and complete: save time and avoid errors by highly automating the invoicing process
  • Fast and correct: all order data needed for the invoice is immediately available and always up to date
  • Save time and avoid errors: no more time is lost having to search for information. You avoid any additional costs that have not been charged or are incomplete, or some orders that have not yet been invoiced
  • Customisation: easily tailor the way an invoice is generated (frequency and display) to each customer's requirements