A collaboration with Helloprint

Do you already offer online ordering options through Helloprint but is processing these orders taking more and more time? MultiPress's modular approach allows Helloprint's online print shop to fit into your MultiPress workflow.

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The connection to third-party online print shops is API-based. With this connection, information is securely shared between different platforms. In addition, you avoid double entry because data is exchanged between systems automatically, without your team having to intervene. So with this connection, you manage those third-party print shops in the optimally tuned MultiPress system! 

The integration with each of the webshops in our range has been extensively tested and can easily be added to your MultiPress environment.

Helloprint is the world's largest marketplace for customised print products. They bring local production and delivery to a global audience of creative entrepreneurs, SMEs and e-commerce companies, with lower costs, faster delivery and a smaller carbon footprint.

  • Greater reach: by integrating with existing e-commerce platforms, you indirectly increase your online presence 
  • Workflow optimisation: with this connection, you manage your Helloprint print shop in the familiar MultiPress environment