A reliable and up-to-date overview of your stock

Every print media company keeps a certain amount of materials in stock, from commonly used papers as well as boxes for packing and shipping the end products. This quickly adds up to many pallets and often the overview gets lost. The stock monitor in MultiPress helps to keep stocks at the desired level, so nothing is missed.

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MultiPress continuously monitors the existing stock inventory. Based on the booked production orders, the system determines whether there is still enough material available in the warehouse. If necessary, MultiPress generates a purchase order to replenish the stock, taking into account the ordering time of the materials. This order can be placed manually or, if desired, fully automatically with the relevant supplier.

  • Efficient and safe: with MultiPress monitoring your list of raw materials, you can always be sure that there is enough material in stock
  • Save time and costs: MultiPress identifies possible shortages at an early stage and so prevents production downtime and any disruption in planning