The best calculation for your newspaper production

With the MultiPress calculation engine you can quickly determine the right layout, technology and machine for each newspaper run. This ensures that your print orders are produced efficiently at a competitive price with healthy margins. Almost every newspaper edition requires a competitive quotation in advance. It's only logical that your newspaper calculations should be powerful, simple and fast. And it really doesn't get any faster than MultiPress.

A capital-intensive investment in new machines requires very accurate cost calculations. Changes in print runs, variants, extras, speeds, margins: MultiPress quickly calculates the price of the printed product so that the offer letter is quickly ready to be sent to the client. Of course, the calculation depends on the chosen rolls, and the life span of the plate and the turning rods, among other things, are included in the calculation of the cost price. You can also opt for calculation with variable cylinders.

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When in doubt about the chosen printing press or layout, MultiPress will calculate the most favourable combination and recalculate all comparative combinations to the most advantageous production cost. MultiPress is also the fastest when it comes to finishing, thanks to the extensive size module that calculates the complete finishing process almost automatically on the basis of the print form data. Checking a few boxes takes care of the rest, from cutting to packaging!

  • Fast and efficient: the extensive automation of your calculation processes saves time and money
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: insight into the real costs of an order results in a correct sales price and healthy margins
  • Optimal mix: always choose the most favourable arrangement and the right production method within your machine park
  • Increase your service level: offer your customers more choice with attractive print run prices and product variants