Manage your stock in MultiPress

Want to manage your stock smartly? With the MultiPress stock module, you have all relevant and necessary information on your material types, orders and warehouse usage all on one screen. This way, you have complete control of your stock movement and inventories.  You can be sure of where your stock is, how much is in stock at any one time and whether there is enough available on a daily basis.

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The MultiPress Stock Control module completely manages all stock movement showing both your own and customers' stock, raw and auxiliary materials, and finished goods. You can view stock consignments and batch numbers plus material consumption by customer order.

Thanks to the stock overview, you can pass on storage costs to the customer and chart the stock take of customers (and subsidiaries) simply and clearly.

"Orders to stock" shows all available data by material type, as well as turnover, sales result and added value. In addition, MultiPress provides interesting consumption statistics. Thanks to the possibility of measuring consumption per raw material type, you can maximise your purchasing policy.

  • Cost savings: buy more competitively thanks to clear insight into stocks
  • Predictability: maintain permanent stock levels
  • Transparency: pass on storage costs to the customer
  • Time savings: no separate administration for stock management and no more searching for stock locations