Give your customers an overview of the orders in the project

MultiPress Project Management module allows you to group orders under projects. This makes it easy to calculate the price per partial order in the post-calculation. In the partial orders, you can clearly see that a job is part of a project, so you also know whether the project may be partially or fully invoiced.

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Customers increasingly place several orders for a project with a single supplier. This is easy for them and you can enjoy the extra customer loyalty.

In MultiPress, you can easily create a project in which the orders are combined. You will then have a clear overview of orders for the various products of that client. You can also include work that has been subcontracted in the project. The orders are always clearly marked as belonging to a particular project.

With this module, the follow-up of projects takes hardly any time at all. The various orders are grouped together in a flowchart. You can also offer the project summary, in the form of a briefing, to your customer. All components are listed separately so that the customer gets a clear overview of all the orders that were ordered from your print media company.

  • Customer loyalty: thanks to MultiPress Project Management, the customer can place multiple orders in one project with your company
  • Clear overview: by creating a project, multiple orders are combined in one overview
  • Simple management: the flowchart visualises the planning of the various components within the project