Accurate pricing in real-time with the eCalculator

The eCalculator is an online version of the powerful MultiPress calculation module. It gives your customer access to the optimally composed quotation and order based on up-to-date information on all variables in the complete production process, ranging from the daily price of substrates to available machine capacity.

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Thanks to this fully dynamic product configuration, you are able to perfectly match supply and demand. Thus, the eCalculator always finds the most efficient production method and can offer the most competitive price. 

Thanks to MultiPress's unique calculation engine, both your print media company and your B2B and B2C customers can enjoy correct prices and efficiently printed print products. And all online!

  • More control: simple and user-friendly ordering process, including correction and approval 
  • Optimisation: save time and costs thanks to a much more efficient order process 
  • Customer loyalty: unique tool for strengthening the bond with your customers in a service-oriented way 
  • Workflow improvement: security and transparency in the workflow for yourself and your customers