Is the print run printed? Which supplier is handling the lamination, and which bindery is finishing the order? A good planning board will show you at a glance how the production planning for " offsite work orders" is progressing.  With the MultiPress graphic planning board, you always have direct access to all underlying order information including details on the subcontractor involved.

Create visual planning in MultiPress for third parties you work with on a regular basis. You can choose which subcontractors to add to this list, and you have the option of assigning standard lead times. This way you can include any product visually in your planning, even if this product is processed in the middle of the production cycle at a subcontractor.

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The MultiPress graphic planning board provides a visual representation of the complete order flow during each phase and process in the production cycle. The flow schedule of each order can be flexibly adjusted, with MultiPress always monitoring the agreed planning and available capacity.

Using color coding, the status of an order and of the individual process steps is immediately visible. All information for each individual order, machine and production employee can also be easily and quickly accessed on the screen

  • Overview and background: your production planning and all underlying order information are easily and quickly available
  • Control and flexibility: the status of each order is always visible so that timely adjustments can be made
  • Efficient production: with a clear and flexible planning board, your people work at an optimal pace according to production capacity
  • On time and on schedule: MultiPress fully aligns the flow schedule of each order with your company's processes and capacity so that production and delivery take place on schedule