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    Is complete automation without loss of control possible?

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  • MultiPress Klant 2B Print
    The large-format production company 2B Print in Septèmes-les-Vallons near Marseille decided to start over “from scratch” and will soon be reorganising all its existing administrative processes. They will switch from Metrix to MultiPress. Why did they decide to start over from scratch?
  • Sizo
    When it comes to administrative automation, the choice 'build' versus 'buy' is a common dilemma among graphic companies. But what if custom software without customization is a choice as well? Sizo Outdoor Advertising did exactly that!
  • MultiPress klant Hecht Printing Solutions
    Hecht Printing Solutions (Belgium) supplies offset, digital and phenomenal large-format printing. In their search for better processing of the latter, the company found MultiPress and more specifically the large-format module.
  • Opticom - image
    The fact that Opticom, a sign-maker in Belgium, is a top brand is reflected in the impressive list of major national brands they work for: Sigma Coatings, Decathlon, Flemish Government, AS Adventure, ... With 25 employees, including its own installers, Opticom masters a wide range of large-format and sign products. Managers Bart Zwysen and his wife knew what they needed: one integrated administrative system, specifically for large format and sign. MultiPress!
  • Graffikka
    Graffikka has become a specialist in ‘Printing On Demand’. In other words: smaller runs, shorter delivery times and a lot of personalised printing. Is there a way to automate the administration for that? And is it affordable for a small printing company?
  • Crea Pack
    Crea Pack is known both in Belgium and abroad for the production of virtually all types of cardboard packaging such as glossy counter displays, large and above all impressive floor displays with many components, presentation boxes, leaflet holders, ...
  • Comith
    Comith has built up a portfolio of loyal clients such as Coca-Cola, AXA Bank, Daikin, HEMA, Electrolux, ... Recently they have been looking for 'tweaks' and 'quick-wins' in their financial and management processes ....
  • Van der Sanden Zeefdruk
    Van der Sanden Zeefdruk grew into a mixed-business family business. Thanks to innovation in the product portfolio and in the administration, the Antwerp printer has tailwind. With automation as the key for strong management.