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  • Aluscreen
    Does MIS software make an engraving, milling and printing company even more effective? What were the decisive criteria for choosing MultiPress?
  • Punamusta
    PunaMusta, Finland’s largest magazine printing company, has asked Dataline to install and commission its MultiPress ERP/MIS software. PunaMusta is part of the Pohjois-Karjalan Kirjapaino Oyj group, which consists of various graphics companies in Finland with more than 600 employees and nine...
  • Blog
    PunaMusta, the largest magazine printing company in Finland, commissioned Dataline to implement their MultiPress ERP/MIS Software. PunaMusta is part of the Pohjois-Karjalan Kirjapaino Oyj group. This group consists of several printing...
  • C!Print

    Do you know the effective margins / costs of a print order? Or how the automatic 'passing on' of the information from print jobs, from calculation to invoice, can result in considerable time savings?

  • Polyduo
    Large-format printing turned out to be a very different skill from printing on plastics. The Austrian company Polyduo found this out after they recently went into large-format printing at the request of their clients. Things went badly wrong from an administrative point of view in particular. So, they needed a quick solution. Fortunately, there were Fespa and MultiPress.
  • Partnership Dataline Midcomp
    Anyone talking about ‘sign, large and wide format printing’ in Europe, thinks MultiPress! But will Dataline gain a foothold in South Africa as well? Are they ready for MultiPress? Last week, Davy Verstaen and Serge Clauss boarded a plane to FESPA Africa in Johannesburg to check the situation. Dataline had its own MultiPress corner on Midcomp’s stand. Sure enough, this first collaboration turned out to be a success. Dataline and Midcomp closed a long term alliance partnership.
  • Coimbra
    Coimbra Ltd. from Budapest in Hungary has been producing and distributing printed matter and marketing products since 2002. Coimbra specialises in sign and large-format printing, and also...
  • L. Capitan
    Sheet offset printing businesses Lannoo Print and Captains of Printing have joined forces as L.Capitan. “The new name symbolises our partnership. A captain has the know-how and experience to move his ship into the right direction,” says CEO Piet Germonprez. One thing they are 100% certain of is the administrative synergy. Both companies have been working with MultiPress – the figurehead of graphic business software – for years!
  • fespa africa
    In Europe, when it comes to sign, large and wide format printing, there’s one name on everyone’s lips: MultiPress! Will the African printing industry be won over as quickly? For the very first time, Dataline Solutions is ready to expand outside of Europe and explore new developing countries and regions.
  • PPP Nederland
    Digital poster prints, screen prints and banners for the decoration of shop windows, buses and trams, cars and buildings, nothing is too much for PPP Nederland. All the advertising on public transport in the Netherlands originates from their machines. Only the best is good enough for such a large company. MultiPress brings home the bacon!
  • Prestige MultiPress User
    Advertising company Prestige in Genemuiden has more than 25 years of experience in Print & Sign. They continued to invest in the most modern printing, plotting and assembly techniques. They print everything in every form. From XXL printing, screen printing to printing of promotional gifts.
  • relevantie van uw ERP
    You certainly cope with an activity slow down during the summer. This is normal, so, sit back, relax and take the opportunity to reconsider the relevance of your ERP.
  • Grafisch Bedrijf Goes
    Grafisch Bedrijf Goes’ core business is offset, digital and large-format printing. The company dedicates itself to efficiency, meaning it has undergone exponential growth in recent years. GBG now works with the right machinery, deploying the right employees at the right place. High time for investing in optimising existing workflows in terms of both administration and production.Can customisation and automation really work together?
  • Europub
    It became obvious to the French company Europub that they need to invest in the optimization and automation of creating quotations and invoices. But keep the planning system as it was. No problem for a modular solution like MultiPress.