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  • mp cloud
    The future is mobile. The MultiPress cloud licence makes it easy to consult the customer database and visitor reports as well as retrieve essential information from the sales information system (SIS).
  • Imprivic
    If a large format/sign printing business like Spain-based Imprivic is looking for adequate administrative software, the options are limited. Luckily there is MultiPress, offering all appropriate and necessary possibilities for that specific industry. The modular business software produces realistic numbers, resulting in clear costs and margins. This way, Imprivic from Alicante can focus entirely on their search for creative ideas for their customers.
  • dupligrafic
    What if you started out as a reprography company but were forced to change to large format with customers like Disneyland Paris who require fast, economical and high-quality print jobs and your administration does not know how to deal with typical large format specifications? Dupligrafic knew it was time to handle administration in a market-specific and integrated manner. With MultiPress’s new, fully revised large format module, for example.
  • prodigitalk
    Spain is a popular holiday destination where many people even have their permanent residence. However, did you know excellent graphic work is delivered there as well?
  • Chapo
    Leën, ProFeeling and PrintPassie join forces in a new, refreshing company. A total package, in one location. While Leën has more than 125 years of experience and is strongly specialised in non-standard jobs.
  • Reactor
    Suppose you have 1,000 customers, 40 of which account for 70% of your total revenues. This means there is a huge amount of smaller jobs, which entails a lot of administrative work. More than a lot. The Hungary-based Reactor could not see the forest for the trees anymore.
  • Top printing
    In 2002 richtte Tom Vielfont samen met Jeffrey Verleije Top-Printing op. Bedoeling was dat klanten handelsdrukwerk eenvoudig online zouden kunnen bestellen. Na een reeks van overnames is Top-Printing nu uitgegroeid tot een bedrijf met 29 werknemers en heeft het zich gespecialiseerd in de productie van enveloppen, briefhoofden, naamkaarten en brochures. Diep in de administratieve spits staat MultiPress. Dat was scoren vanaf dag 1!
  • Berlin
    Berlin is a communications agency that has been around for about 20 years. We specialise in 2 major fields. The first field is B2C; we are very skilled in activating consumer brands for our customers. The second field is B2B; in this case our clients are food industry, automotive or chemical companies who are actually engaged in building a business and assist and stimulate their customers to benefit from this and to evolve their business.
  • Event

    Op woensdag 8 februari presenteren Graficus en SignPro Benelux de Vakdag Print & Sign, waar u op een unieke manier vakgenoten en leveranciers ontmoet.

  • Magraf
    MultiPress past zich naadloos aan iedere situatie en elk type drukkerij aan. Maar vaak is het omgekeerd! Bedrijven op zoek naar administratieve structuur komen bij Dataline Solutions aankloppen. Zo ook Magraf, een drukkerij gespecialiseerd in large format. Voor het uiterst flexibele bedrijf is strakke planning en tijdsgebonden calculatie levensnoodzakelijk. MultiPress zorgt elke dag weer voor de nodige ademruimte.