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Following up a quotation is not easy. Your want to win that quotation but you don't want to wait too long, but you also don't want to go too fast.  Finding the right balance is easier with MultiPress. All quotations are given a follow-up status so that the client automatically receives a reminder e-mail about his requested quotation. A response is guaranteed, because your message is not only personal but also professional.

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The commercial employee decides which offers are followed up automatically. For example, he can choose to send automatic reminders for quotations below a certain amount. Once set up correctly, MultiPress performs all standard sales activities automatically. This functionality will save your administration a lot of time.

Your commercial employee receives a daily report based on data such as the call-back date or the quotation amount. With this information, he can plan efficiently and quickly assign a specific status to quotations.

The system automatically sends a reminder to the customer based on the follow-up status, including a link to approve the quotation in the customer portal. Your commercial employee can set it up so that he also receives a confirmation by e-mail. This way, you maintain an overview, day by day.

  • Time savings and less administrative work: thanks to automatic reminders, no unnecessary follow-up via e-mail or telephone 
  • Full control: the commercial employee decides which quotations are automatically followed up 
  • Greater customer satisfaction: automatic quotation processing saves customers time and convenience