Organise your Vogelaar e-Marketing campaigns in MultiPress

Vogelaar eCampaigner is integrated into MultiPress so you can optimise the extensive capabilities of both.  MultiPress offers certified integration with Vogelaar eCampaigner. Thanks to the seamless exchange and synchronisation of all required information between both systems, you can profit from all their strengths.

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With this e-mail marketing software, you can create and send up to 50,000 e-mails per month quickly and easily. You can use Vogelaar to configure marketing campaigns and communicate information, such as regular newsletters to your customers in your own house style with a simple click of the mouse.

  • Extra features: Thanks to the certified integration, you will benefit from the e-Campaigner software's strengths in this application 
  • Communicate effectively: all information is managed centrally and exchanged seamlessly
  • Get results:  automated and accurate targeted communication can boost sales and improve results