Manage your contacts centrally

Relationship management in MultiPress is more than a list of clients, suppliers, contacts and prospects. This module enables you to manage all relevant information about your clients, prospects and suppliers in a centralised and structured manner.

This centralised approach allows you to better understand your customers, increases efficiency and leads to better results.

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Are you able immediately to find the right number for the right person at your supplier? Do you have to hand the visiting address of the prospect you are on your way to see?

With MultiPress, you can easily find all this information - all in the same place:

  • Manage your contacts, mail codes, private addresses,... Single and combined
  • Link delivery addresses to the appropriate contacts and delivery dates
  • Retain all necessary financial information for your accounts (e.g. VAT data, company number)
  • Keep an overview of the history of requested quotations versus missed orders and reasons for failure
  • Easily import or export accurate data from and to external applications 

In the Relationship Management module, you can collect detailed data on the companies you do business with.  From practical information such as contacts' name, address and phone number to personal preferences, birthdays or favourite sports.  This information can help you manage targeted and personalised customer communication.

This information is used by all modules and processes within the MultiPress system and can therefore be consulted quickly and clearly by your employees at any time.

  • Central relationship management: accurate and up to date information always to hand - no need to search for info about your customer, prospect or supplier 
  • Quick and easy access at any time: all modules and processes within MultiPress use the unambiguous information in the Relationship Management module
  • Efficient and effective communication: for successful business relationships, having the right contact information is crucial for efficient and effective communication