Streamline your order creation

During order creation, MultiPress also feeds stock management and production and dispatch planning with the correct data from the new order. Based on minimal input, the Order Wizard calculates a complete and accurate order calculation, regardless of the experience of the order manager.

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The MultiPress Order Wizard works on the basis of presets that you can adjust in line with your. company's rates and any differentials. By filling in just a few basic details at the start of a new order calculation (such as the quantity, size and format of the requested print product), the Wizard shows you the next steps and options that might apply. Additionally, if required, the Order Wizard is able to retrieve the required metadata (format, number of pages) from the PDF file itself! 

To create the order the Order Wizard uses the calculation modules and all the current rates in your MultiPress system. This means that no time is lost looking for the right data.  Importantly, the chance of making mistakes when creating repeat orders is minimised. With MultiPress, you can get the order production process going without a hitch.

  • Fast and accurate: with MultiPress, order managers create new orders in minutes using centrally managed and therefore always accurate information
  • Streamlined process: the administrative registration of each new order is immediately in order, from confirmation to reservation and from production to dispatch