Manage the stock in your warehouse from A to Z

A stockroom at a print media company is constantly changing. New materials arrive every day, while reserved materials are constantly being collected for production. How do you keep an overview?

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Many companies still manage their stock manually in Excel spreadsheets.  Entering each pallet manually and each change means an extra operation in Excel. When companies are handling many hundreds of pallets, then warehouse management in MultiPress becomes indispensable. With this module, each pallet is provided with a traceable location and marked with a barcode. In addition, each rack in the warehouse is visualised in 3D, so there is an immediate overview of where different pallets of the same type are located. In short: no more searching and no more hold ups in production due to a lack of sufficient materials.

  • Efficient and secure: With MultiPress Warehouse Management, you can always be sure that there is enough material in stock, thus avoiding costly production downtimes
  • Save time and costs: MultiPress allocates fixed locations to stocks and visualises these locations in 3D, so that there is never a need to search for a long time