Mail to all your contacts from MultiPress

With the fully integrated e-mail client in MultiPress, you can send e-mails to your contacts quickly and easily. The link to the complete MultiPress system makes it possible to assign e-mail traffic to clients, suppliers or projects in the Correspondence module.

In this way, e-mail messages can be quickly consulted, for example, during an appointment with a client, or during consultations with colleagues. This is extremely efficient and increases customer satisfaction.

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For external messages, you can simply create an e-mail and select the recipient from the relations file. As with other e-mail clients, you can add attachments and send this e-mail to different addresses, also via copy (CC) and blind copy (BCC).

The MultiPress integrated e-mail solution includes various functionalities such as:

  • A complete overview of all communications associated with the customer (e-mails, letters, faxes)
  • E-mail link to all documents associated with the customer (e.g. purchase orders and invoices)
  • E-mail any document 
  • E-mail any customer communication
  • Automatically invoice by e-mail
  • Synchronisation of all associated e-mail activity connected to each customer e.g. appointments including addresses via Exchange or Kerio.
  • Centrally stored and organised: all e-mails are assigned to documents, projects and addresses and can be called up at any time, e.g. during telephone calls with customers and during communication between employees (letters/emails).
  • Faster and more efficient: you consult the relevant e-mail traffic quickly and easily, which enables you to react quickly to questions and requests from customers, prospects and suppliers.