Great planning starts here

Within the Calendar module you can easily optimise the internal and external communication in your print media company. This module keeps track of your appointments and links them directly to all relevant information in the CRM system.

Customer information, contact persons, the visiting address and, for example, the current order status can therefore be consulted directly. This saves time and prevents misunderstandings.

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The integration of the Calendar module allows users to select specific views and schedule actions or meetings with contacts from the MultiPress CRM system. Users can then consult each other's planning, allowing for faster and more efficient communication, both internally and externally.

The Calendar module of MultiPress allows you to manage your planning down to the last detail. You create appointments, add important information such as the location of the appointment, the client and contact person, who is going and why. All appointments are easy to consult on the calendar.

  • Up-to-date information at any time: The schedule is directly connected to the CRM system and therefore has all centrally managed information at its disposal
  • Faster and more efficient: Users can consult each other's schedules, reducing the risk of internal misunderstandings