A collaboration with ISI-Web-to-Print

Do you already offer a web-to-print service via ISI Web-to-Print but is processing these orders taking more and more time? MultiPress’s modular approach allows third-party web-to-print solutions to fit effortlessly into your workflow, saving time and maximising efficiency.

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MultiPress’s connection to third-party web-to-print solutions allows information to be securely shared between different platforms. In addition, you avoid double entry because data is automatically exchanged between systems, without your team having to intervene. So with this connection, you manage those third-party web-to-print solutions in the optimally tuned MultiPress system! 

The integration with each of the web-to-print solutions in our range has been extensively tested and can be easily added to your MultiPress environment.

ICT partner ISI offers a web-to-print solution for the printing industry. The advantages of an automated web-to-print workflow for graphic service providers cannot be underestimated with full control of the ordering process of sign or printed products from receipt of customer files through to production and delivery. 

Orders are automatically created in MultiPress and customers can be assured that their files are good for reproduction.

  • Exploit all possibilities: by establishing an integration with ISI-Web-to-Print, you take full advantage of all the options 
  • Workflow optimisation: this connection allows you to manage ISI-Web-to-Print in the familiar MultiPress environment