Fully automatic, optimum imposition for each order

The MultiPress Imposition engine converts a PDF file into an optimal imposition as early as the preparation phase of an order. This saves time in both preparation and execution, and makes it possible to calculate a price quickly and accurately on the basis of realistic production data. The MultiPress Imposition Engine also ensures that each order's imposition instructions are adopted during the actual production of the order.

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The imposition schemes are adopted as soon as the order is approved and are linked to the correct PDF file within MultiPress. Depending on the chosen finish and composition, the documents are automatically placed on the imposition. Next, the option is offered to generate a proof, but the imposition of the pdf files can also be sent directly to the machine: the MultiPress Imposition Engine communicates directly with the RIP.

The MultiPress Imposition Engine adds elements such as the bleed (BleedBox) and cut marks (TrimBox). An important and unique advantage is that MultiPress takes all parameters from the order calculation. This avoids having to re-enter order information, promotes efficiency and increases precision.

The streamlined order process can be set up by you in MultiPress as you wish. The exchange of order information, PDF files and data from and to production runs seamlessly. In this way, MultiPress ensures that orders are produced as efficiently as possible and according to plan.

The composition of the printing forms - per order, but increasingly a combination of different orders on a printing sheet - is also highly automated. In this way, the available production capacity is utilised optimally and the waste of often expensive substrates is kept to a minimum. The MultiPress Imposition Engine is a powerful and indispensable tool.

  • Link imposition charts with the pdf file within MultiPress
  • Create proof or send directly to machine
  • Addition of bleed and cut markings, among other key instructions
  • MultiPress operator continues working in familiar environment
  • Simple plug & play operation without the need for specialised prepress operators
  • No duplicate inputs to the machine and the potential errors that can result
  • Time saving in both the preparation and the mounting of the impositions