Avoid incorrect quotations

In the Price Agreements module, the agreements about a standard product with a customer are recorded. This includes, for example, unit prices, contract prices and graduated prices. Flexible and consistent price agreements are the safest way to keep your relationship with suppliers and customers healthy. MultiPress prevents you from losing the overview, issuing incorrect quotations or sending the wrong invoices.

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This module offers you, among other things:

  • Correct price agreements on your quotations and invoices
  • Management of alternative product descriptions
  • Percentage corrections on performance groups or price lists
  • Linking of price agreements to customer categories

With the Price Agreements module, you can record any kind of discount, surcharge or graduated scale with your customers and suppliers. By managing the agreements centrally, they can always be called up directly and used in your calculations. This saves time, prevents mistakes and ensures that you always send out the sharpest quotations and correct invoices.

Centrally managed price agreements:

  • Can always be quickly adjusted and applied.
  • Can be applied to certain customer categories or groups
  • Are so flexible that certain agreements or price lists can be taken over by other relations
  • Consistent and correct: always gives the right price agreement on your quotations and invoices
  • Save time: central management of price agreements makes looking up, adjusting and applying them quick and easy
  • Fast and sharp: respond quickly to every request with a quick calculation based on the correct price agreements