With MultiPress as a central data source, you also want to be able to connect to systems of clients, intermediaries, partners and software within your own production environment. Thanks to the MultiPress API Connectivity module, you can create links with internal and external systems in countless ways, and of course with other MultiPress users.

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a popular way to have your digital systems communicate with each other and exchange data. The API provides the relevant set of definitions to establish links. Those links are expandable and customizable, giving you an excellent basis for long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. The concept has unlimited possibilities for offering new services.

MultiPress API Connectivity makes it possible to offer other systems and software an 'entrance' to your own system. For example, process integration is possible with web portals and customer ordering systems. Thanks to the API, orders from the ordering site are sent directly to production for automatic processing. This creates a fully automated total solution, without any intervention from order managers.

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  • Service: API integration allows you to offer new services in numerous ways
  • Customer loyalty: direct connections to your customers' systems
  • Efficiency: you can connect to digital production systems, even if they don't support the JDF standard
  • Save time: API interfaces automate a diversity of operations such as ordering, transporting and controlling machines