Customer-friendly cooperation

Cooperating with your client is now even easier with the Image Management module in MultiPress. This module allows your client to manage a series of images in an image bank with limited user rights. Via the web tool, the client can download and check their images, such as photos and logos.

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The customer can use the image material in this image bank and download directly in web-to-print orders - for example -  for verification, where a passport photo is added to a visit (contacts?) card. In addition, the customer can use the images as a variable in any printed document. Thanks to the Image Bank module, the choice and control of the image material is completely in the hands of the customer. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings, makes extra verification unnecessary and prevents complaints afterwards.

  • Extra service: centralised image management offers your customers an extra service
  • Save time: your customers can download, check and use images themselves, without referring to your team
  • Customer at the controls: control of the images is in the hands of the customer, which avoids costly misunderstandings