Automatic proofing, also for online orders

Supplying print files error-free and print-ready is crucial for further processing. Thanks to MultiPress's proofing portal, pdf files delivered online are automatically checked and corrected.

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Files are supplied by customers via the webshop with an order. MultiPress uses an online proofing portal based on Callas PDF Toolbox to check these files for errors. Therefore, any errors in the files are immediately recognised and automatically repaired, without the customer noticing and without disrupting your planning. 

If the document contains no errors or the errors are automatically repaired, the document is forwarded directly to the corresponding order in the workflow. Corrected PDF documents can be attached or inserted afterwards.

If the file is unrecoverable, the customer receives an automatic error report. In it, your customer gets a visual representation of the errors in the file, making it easier to recognise and correct. It then goes through the same recovery process again.

  • Quality: the automatic checking and possible correction of files guarantees the quality of your print products 
  • Extra service: customers receive an automatic error report and see immediately where they need to make corrections 
  • Workflow optimisation: file delivery, checking and correction take place fully automatically. This saves time and costs and also guarantees an uninterrupted production workflow