Automatic preflighting, directly in MultiPress

Errors in PDF files can cause major disruptions in print job planning, because fixing these errors takes time for your prepress staff and increases the risk of errors in production. The MultiPress "Check & Repair" module avoids these risks, resolves errors automatically and even offers a business opportunity in the form of additional customer service.

The Callas PDF Toolbox is fully integrated into MultiPress. With the administration tool you feed the production workflow without the intervention of prepress operators, thus saving time and money in this important process step. You also have your order ready in a very short time so that it can go into production.

Calculate what the Check & Repair module can do

Customers often send files through all kinds of channels, from WeTransfer and Dropbox to e-mail and USB stick. Downloading these files and manually checking, repairing and sending them for approval, can cost your prepress team hours of valuable time every week. With the Check & Repair module your client can place files directly onto your server and you can bypass all these obstacles. MultiPress checks every file and repairs it with automatic preflight. This allows errors to be discovered quickly and efficiently and the time saved can be invested in more profitable activity.

All supplied PDF documents are visible in the Check & Repair module. MultiPress displays the details of each PDF document supplied such as format and colours. Corrected PDF documents can be added or inserted afterwards. In this way, the placement of the customer's order in the planning schedule is not jeopardised. At the same time, you avoid unnecessary recalculations and costly production downtimes.

MultiPress automatically sends a report after each check with any errors and warnings present in the pdf file. If the errors are irreparable, the report is immediately e-mailed to the client. The report will clearly indicate which errors are present and where they are located in the document.

Only when the document is error-free will it be forwarded directly to the production workflow.

  • Secure checking of production files when delivered via MultiPress
  • Automatic visual error report is sent to the customer
  • Repair is made according to existing profiles (Callas PDF toolbox)
  • Order data is read out from MultiPress, the variable input is added and then processed fully automatically in the PDF proofs
  • Profiles are linked to the web shop and files are checked automatically via Check & Repair
  • Time and cost savings thanks to automated processing and checking of supplied files