Keep an up-to-date overview of your business activity

Start the day with essential business information in your e-mail box. MultiPress automatically creates a report overnight and sends it via e-mail or any other communication channel of your choice.

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Whether commercial or production statistics, with the MultiPress report generator you decide what you want to review.

You decide at which fixed times - for example, daily or weekly - the reports will appear and to whom they will be sent, and then MultiPress takes care of the rest. In this way, your team can automatically keep up-to-date with current and relevant company information.

  • Automatic reminder: no more time wasted manually compiling reports, they are automatically sent to you on time
  • Multimedia: receive the automatically sent reports on the device or channel of your choice
  • Control: MultiPress automatically sends the reports to persons you designate
  • Efficient: quickly and easily select the information for the reports. The reports are generated automatically on the basis of your selection