Most favourable combination orders with Imp

Seamlessly integrated into the MultiPress Gang Run module, Imp is a very sophisticated tool that can calculate the most optimal order combination. From the MultiPress calculation module, several items are presented together to Imp. After calculating the optimisation, a number of printing sheets are sent back to MultiPress and then a (temporary) printing order is created to schedule the combination. Afterwards, the combined price is divided among all the printing items via an area ratio.

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This powerful combination engine makes smart combinations of different jobs both in the quotation phase and in the order process. Various parameters play a role in this: for example, they must be printed on the same substrate and in the same colour combination. In addition, the desired quantity and the required delivery time determine which combinations provide the most profit in time and costs. Only when print orders meet the same parameters, are the print orders combined. 'Gang Run' then also merges the right files on the printing sheet in the most efficient order and layout.

The MultiPress Gang Run module, powered by Imp smart technology, will always provide the best solution for arranging different orders on one printing sheet. This way of working places new demands on the order flow.  Different orders become part of a combination order, which is planned and produced as a whole. Thanks to the well-organised folder structure in Multipress, combination orders can be compiled fully automaticallyLinks to solutions of external parties are also possible.

  • More orders in less time: the automated combination of multiple jobs on a printing sheet greatly simplifies the entire order flow, with fewer job changes and efficient production capacity utilisation
  • Less material loss, lower costs: the production of combined orders requires fewer printing plates and reduces the amount of paper or material lost during order changes. All partial orders benefit proportionally from these advantages.
  • Competitive prices, better margins: the savings in time and costs allow for competitive offers or wider margins