For today's modern, competitive business operations it is essential to have a sophisticated but easy to use management information system that fully streamlines the exchange of all data. MultiPress supports the workflow standard JDF/JMF, which ensures that automatic data exchange is smooth, fast and error-free.

With MultiPress everything is automated - process data is sent to production in real time, and data is sent back from the relevant connected machines. A "digital order bag" delivers the right data - via JDF - to connected machines and takes back information - via JMF - on the status and progress of the production process, such as quantities, speeds, times and other production-related data. This way of working ensures that you and your employees always have the latest information and know the current status of each order.

The JDF integration of MultiPress helps your company move towards a production environment that meets the standards of Industry 4.0.

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  • Automation workflow: Thanks to JDF & JMF, MultiPress controls automated production. Up-to-date data is immediately available everywhere in production.
  • Accurate production data: real-time recording of production data for post-calculation, among others
  • Automatic data transmission: no operator action is required to send data
  • Insight and control: direct and permanent insight into production status
  • Full automation: feedback via JMF brings closer full automation of the production process