Generate Business Intelligence reports automatically

For any print media company, the slogan "to measure is to know" applies. But just measuring is not enough: the figures must also speak for themselves. Gain insight into all available management information with the MultiPress Report Generator.

Reports are generated on demand or at set intervals. They are like a manual for your business and give you everything you need to make better decisions. Economic, social and logistical parameters can be continuously consulted.

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With the MultiPress Report Generator you can monitor in detail business information collected within MultiPress. The generator works in real time.  If figures change, you see it immediately in the report.

You can also view several reports simultaneously on the screen. Both compiling and reading the extensive and fully configurable reporting is extremely easy. This makes the MultiPress Report Generator an indispensable tool for your daily business operations.

The reports created by the MultiPress Report Generator are standardised and automated. To guarantee the security of the information, there are separate user environments for the compiler and users of the report. You can restrict access on the basis of function, persons and groups.

  • User-friendly: compile reports with a few mouse clicks
  • Versatile: compile reports with all possible selection criteria
  • Information security: it is possible to restrict access to functions, persons and groups
  • Quickly available information: reports can be easily exported or printed from MultiPress
  • Central management: all reports are created and managed in MultiPress, without additional software
  • Time-saving: manual creation of reports is no longer necessary