A graphic production company consists of machines, resources and people, and together they determine production capacity. With the MultiPress employee management schedule, you can ensure that your production capacity is aligned to the availability of your employees.

With the planning board, you can see at a glance at any time how production planning is going and what production capacity is available. This production capacity is largely determined by the availability of your employees. MultiPress provides an overview and prevents capacity problems.

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In the employee schedule, each employee can schedule and request his or her vacations. Holidays and collective leave are also included in the production planning.

In this way, the MultiPress graphic planning board always shows the expected and current staffing levels in the departments and the production capacity is adjusted accordingly.  

All information is centrally available and always up to date. This means that, where necessary, targeted intervention and adjustments can be made immediately to keep staff capacity at the desired level. This guarantees optimal utilization of your production capacity and timely delivery of every order.

  • Overview and background: your staff levels and production capacity, from prepress and print shop to finishing and shipping, is always accessible at a glance.
  • Control and flexibility: the staff utilization and thus available production capacity is always directly visible so that timely adjustments can be made
  • On time and on schedule: MultiPress Employee Schedule saves you time when planning and managing staff levels.  This optimises your production capacity and you can deliver on schedule