Produce complete campaigns quickly and flexibly

The MultiPress Campaign Converter is your administrative assistant for campaigns with a large variety of print jobs. With the Campaign Converter you can streamline both the ordering and production of all required materials. This module offers the speed and flexibility that can make the difference for a successful campaign.

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The basis for Campaign Converter is the creation of a customer-specific order list. This structured list contains the entire product range available to the client. The complete order is then prepared using this list, taking into account all desired variables in quantities, formats and versions.

The order list can be filled in by the end user or the order supervisor. In both cases, all parties use the same up-to-date document, so that no time is lost with the double entry of data and misunderstandings can be avoided.

The speed with which your customers change their visual campaigns is increasing and those campaigns are also becoming more and more complex.  In order to get the message out clearly and recognisably, you need much more than a flag and a few posters.  To strengthen your marketing campaigns, you might usefully use banners, floor and window stickers, leaflets and table cards, for example, to further reinforce the communication. Campaign Converter by MultiPress streamlines both the ordering and production of all necessary materials. This offers the speed and flexibility that makes the difference in a successful campaign.

Campaigns with customisation involve a large number of variables. The complexity of such a campaign requires a great deal of time and meticulous attention during both the ordering and production stages. MultiPress developed the new and versatile Campaign Converter to simplify and streamline these tasks.

This automation of your campaign management will result in a much more efficient workflow that allows for faster and error-free processing. MultiPress Campaign Converter offers much greater flexibility to both the client and the production company, as variables such as new formats, new materials or new products can be easily and quickly adjusted or added.

Additionally, this fundtion can be fully customised and tailored to the client's needs, ensuring optimal cooperation between all parties.