Integrate Agfa Apogee into your MultiPress workflow

Link the automated administrative processes in MultiPress to the Agfa graphics workflow via the MultiPress JDF module.

Thanks to the JDF/JMF interfaces, print orders are created in production without manual intervention from the administration, so that the creation of proofs and plates, the planning of the press and the reservation of paper are all fully automated. The JMF feedback ensures that the order status can be closely monitored from the administration.

The end result is a production process that runs more smoothly and with a lower error rate, resulting in more satisfied customers.

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Many companies already have a workflow and work with existing RIPs. Therefore Dataline works together with all industrial partners to enable an optimal automation through JDF/JMF integrations between MultiPress and existing prepress workflows, conventional, digital and large format machines and finishing systems.

Based on extensive tests with a varied set of order flows, the integration of MultiPress with the systems of external suppliers is exactly known. For each supplier, Dataline indicates that they are MultiPress certified for JDF connectivity. Agfa is also one of these certified partners.

  • Cost and time savings: double data entry is largely reduced. Customer, order and product data do not have to be re-entered
  • Shorter throughput times: new orders or tasks are immediately transferred to the connected systems and processed there, thus reducing downtime
  • Error reduction: double data collection and manual transfer of information by the user are permanently avoided and incorrect entries are prevented