Quickly calculate the price of lamination

With the MultiPress calculation engine you can quickly determine the right format, technique and machine for each lamination. This ensures that your print orders are produced efficiently at a competitive price with healthy margins.

You can quickly calculate changes in print runs, variations, extras, speeds and print times, without losing the overview and because MultiPress knows how to accurately calculate the cost of each technique in the process, the story always adds up to a correct bottom line!

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With MultiPress you can easily calculate the cost and production times of your lamination. When calculating the lamination in MultiPress, you determine the parameters that are specific to this process. The most important variables are the set-up time of the machine, the production speed and the roll properties. In this way, the size of the printing sheet and the film to be applied are always taken into account. In no time, the quotation is ready to be printed, mailed or sent digitally.

In case of doubt about the chosen printing press or layout, MultiPress will calculate the most favourable combination and recalculate all comparative combinations to the most advantageous production cost.

MultiPress is also the fastest when it comes to finishing, thanks to the extensive size module that calculates the complete finishing process almost automatically on the basis of the print form data. Describe the delivered order and by simply ticking the desired finishing techniques, MultiPress does the rest for you.

  • Fast and efficient: the extensive automation of your calculation processes saves time and money
  • Correct prices, healthy margins: insight into the real costs of an order results in a correct sales price and healthy margins
  • Optimal mix: always choose the most favourable arrangement and the right production method within your machine park
  • Increase your service level: offer your customers more choice with attractive print run prices and product variants