Combine your print orders with Phoenix in MultiPress

The Shape Nesting module in MultiPress allows you to automatically compose the print sheets with irregularly shaped print products in an optimal way. This function is almost indispensable for the production of sign and large format print jobs, and packaging or labels. This module uses a seamless integration with third-party solutions.

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Phoenix develops technology to optimally combine printed materials on one printing sheet. This process saves time, material and costs.

Powered by Phoenix's smart technology, the Shape Nesting module always provides the best layout solution on a single printing sheet, and in record time. The savings made on printing costs can be converted directly into competitive offers or wider margins.

  • Less material loss, lower costs: Shape Nesting makes optimal use of the available material surface. Therefore, there is less loss of unused material, which reduces the cost.
  • Competitive prices, better margins: the savings in time and costs allow for competitive offers or wider margins