Strengthen your relationship with advertising agencies

Via the MultiPress to Agency link, you will be able to handle price requests from advertising agencies up to 10 times faster and smoother. 

The link is easy to use: an advertising agency sends a price request with circulation and other variants directly to your MultiPress account instead of via e-mail or download link. Your administration no longer loses time retyping data and can now process the quotation very quickly and send it back to the advertising agency. 

When the advertising agency approves the quote, the order is incorporated directly into your production process.

  • Time-saving: you no longer lose time on manual data transfer
  • Simplified administration: the link enables better follow-up of open price requests
  • Customer loyalty: smooth cooperation makes advertising agencies more likely to work with you
  • Lower error rate: as there is less manual data transfer to be done, the risk of errors is minimised