Is an invoice not paid on time? Or, is a customer exceeding the agreed credit balance?  Make sure you notice these issues in time and take immediate action. With MultiPress, you can monitor all financial issues easily and effectively.

Sending reminders can be fully automated with MultiPress. Exceeding the payment term is immediately noticed and automatically followed up by sending a reminder to the customer by letter or e-mail.

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Thanks to MultiPress Payment Follow-up you always have an overview of current financial activity.  All data is centrally managed and is therefore always up to date. By the timely signalling of payment arrears or balance overruns, appropriate measures can be taken immediately to limit financial risks.

Optionally, a copy of the invoice can be sent immediately to avoid further delays. Depending on how many reminders have already been sent, MultiPress sends the appropriate type of reminder to emphasise the urgency of payment.

  • Overview and certainty: limit your financial risks by taking timely action in case of payment delays
  • Save time and prevent further delays: by automating reminder letters to a high degree, you save time and no longer have to wait for payments of outstanding invoices