A clear overview of all orders and available production capacity is a prerequisite for good planning. But how do you actually deploy your people and machines as efficiently and effectively as possible?

The MultiPress machine and employee scheduling module provides a clear overview of all actions foreseen in a job, both internally and externally. So you can immediately see the link between the two and can intervene when production is delayed.

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The MultiPress Machine & Employee Scheduling Optimizer assists you in determining the work order. You can plan orders based on priority, but also choose, for example, to use the material type or format as a starting point, or perhaps the color order.  With MultiPress planning is always flexible

Because this MultiPress module runs in a browser environment, all information is available to everyone in the production environment from anywhere at any time - on the screens of all the production equipment, for example.

Moreover, as soon as their task is completed, your employees can adjust the status of the order and (if desired) pass on the time registration. This information is then immediately processed, so that further planning can be immediately adjusted to the current situation where necessary.   With MultiPress you always use your capacity optimally!

  • Overview and background: your production planning at a glance with all the underlying order information
  • Control and flexibility: deploy your people and your machines optimally. The status and progress of each order is always immediately visible, so that adjustments can be made in good time.
  • Efficient production: with a clear and flexible planning board, you get the most out of the available production capacity, while reducing costly overtime.
  • Save time and avoid errors: all current order information and instructions are available anytime, anywhere
  • On time and on schedule: MultiPress fully aligns the flow schedule of each order with your company's processes and capacity so that production and delivery take place on schedule