Many pallets will pass through your company each week. You will want to keep an overview of this and strive for optimal routing, because the efficient management of pallet movements can optimize production and save an enormous amount of time.  

The unique and advanced pallet control in MultiPress accurately records the placement and movement of pallets in your print production facility. In a central view, the results are clearly displayed in graphs.

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MultiPress's unique and advanced Pallet Monitoring Software accurately records pallet placement and movement in your facility. In a central view, the results are clearly displayed in graphs.

Using simulations of routings you can test whether adjustments can be made to improve these processes and further reduce costs. MultiPress displays the various scenarios side by side, making it easy to compare routings. Where necessary, this clear visualization provides a clear opportunity for immediate action.

  • Clarity and overview: permanent overview of pallet movements in your organization
  • Visual display: the movements and positions of pallets are displayed visually so that you can immediately see when action is required
  • Efficient and cost-saving: with simulations of pallet movement and placement, you optimize processes and save costs
  • Weighted choices: MultiPress provides the ability to compare multiple scenarios