Tackle complaints intelligently

Do you know how many complaints your company receives each month, where they occur most frequently and what it is costing you? The MultiPress Complaint Management module will help you keep track complaints, learn from mistakes and restore trust with your customers.

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By managing complaints centrally, MultiPress makes it possible not only to handle them quickly and correctly, but also to make them transparent. Each complaint is registered centrally at the order and customer level, and is provided with data such as the type of complaint, in which department and on which date. You can filter the registered complaints based on these data.

This gives you a clear picture of the problem: where the complaints occur most often, where they are caused, how they are solved and what costs are involved? It is precisely these evaluations at various levels that enable you to take appropriate measures and make targeted investments to effectively reduce the costs of failure.

In this module you get an overview of all complaint forms entered into the VIS system or via the order and you can print a cost list with the total costs. It is also possible to go through each complaint print it separately.  From here you can export this list of complaints to another program such as Excel.

  • Insight and control: central management of complaints enables a systematic approach to the causes
  • Better margins: with appropriate measures and targeted investments, you can effectively reduce the cost of failure
  • Satisfied customers: correctly resolving complaints and then effectively preventing them translates into greater customer satisfaction