Booking and checking purchase invoices is often a time-consuming process. MultiPress automates every detail of the process and maintains complete control.  While MultiPress centrally registers and manages all your orders, purchase prices and deliveries, the corresponding purchase invoices arrive through all different kinds of channels.

In order to quickly check and process all the different invoices (on paper, a PDF file or in XML format), MultiPress uses smart links with specialised external software, such as AdValvas

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AdValvas analyses the purchase invoice and effortlessly recognises the correct order, order information and supplier. The data required for verification is immediately available and retrievable in MultiPress, so the invoice can be authorised for timely payment quickly and easily.

  • Fast and efficient: automatic recording, checking and processing of purchase invoices saves you a lot of time
  • Error-free processing: compare the data on the purchase invoice easily and quickly with your order and order information for error-free and timely payment processing