Smoother and more profitable procurement

The profitability of an order starts with efficient and strategic material procurement. The Strategic Procurement of MultiPress constantly analyses stock requirements and the necessary purchases, so that orders are always placed at the right time with the right supplier.

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The purchasing manager works on the basis of intelligent order proposals generated in MultiPress and decides whether new goods should be ordered, when and from which supplier. This can be done on the basis of an agreed or negotiated price. MultiPress keeps track of the average purchase price of each item so that you can always make an interim inventory valuation.

In MultiPress all order agreements are registered on the purchase order, so that your team in dispatch, invoicing, production and warehouse can proceed extremely efficiently and error-free. Suppliers receive a (digital) confirmation.

The direct stock link provides an extra check when entering the delivery notes. Upon receipt of the purchase invoices, the quantities and prices can be directly compared to the initial order. Maximum time is saved, the chance of errors is negligible and you have constant insight into your returns.

  • Efficient and secure: with Intelligent Purchasing Management in MultiPress, you can always be sure that material will be purchased on time from the right supplier and with the best conditions
  • Save time and costs: all order agreements are centrally registered, checked and managed, so they are available at any time