Connect MultiPress to Probo

Probo is a large-format printing company that produces products exclusively for resellers. To make ordering from Probo as easy and efficient as possible, MultiPress created an API-based link between the two platforms. 

Thanks to the direct link to the Probo platform, within the MultiPress environment you always have access to Probo's current range, descriptions and corresponding prices, so there is no need to look up this information externally, make calculations and copy the data manually - with all the risk of making mistakes. 

The MultiPress quotation calculation is recorded and, once approved by your customer, can be submitted directly to Probo as a production order. 

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  • Ease of use preventing mistakes: consult all current information and prices from Probo in MultiPress and prevent human error 
  • Time-saving: thanks to the API connection, all data is available directly in MultiPress for quick, appropriate quotations 
  • Sharp purchase price: use a complete overview of the Probo range to easily compare prices and quality