The MultiFlow module in MultiPress allows you to generate your own workflow, or parts of it, in simple and clear flow charts. This graphically represented workflow is rules based and fully automated. Take this simple example: if a print-ready file is delivered via e-mail, it can be checked immediately via preflight and then sent to the designated folder in the production flow. Manual handling is no longer necessary. This saves a lot of time and prevents errors.

With MultiFlow, the various modules within MultiPress work together in a new and advanced way. This unique capability pushes the limits of what is possible, without getting lost in an overload of options and variations. The smart selection of some 20 modules provides a versatile and extremely flexible basis for automating common tasks and processes. The use of MultiFlow remains low-threshold: you can also automate a series of initially perhaps small steps and still achieve immediately tangible results.

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  • Save time: Data from various business processes is automatically brought together in a highly efficient workflow via fully customizable flowcharts. As a result, you can do more in less time.
  • Error reduction: reducing repetitive tasks and manual actions saves time and prevents costly errors