Your print media business commercial report in ascending order

Monitor your sales, results and operational activity with the commercial reporting module in MultiPress. These automatically generated reports are extensive and can be configured entirely according to your wishes.  You will gain insight into the figures that are important for your print media company.

This module supports you in keeping your print media company on track. Thanks to MultiPress, there are no unwanted surprises, complaints.  Failure costs are minimised and results are easier to manage.

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With the commercial reporting module in MultiPress, you can quickly and easily create a comprehensive and timely report containing the turnover plus the results: per period, customer, product, salesman, account or operating company, or a combination of all these factors.

In such a report you will find the number of quotations and orders per salesman, how many quotations have been converted into orders and which quotations are still pending. The results are shown in both percentages and absolute numbers. In this way, you can see at a glance which components and employees require extra attention.

With this functionality, you can also generate a complaints overview. This way, you know where you need to adjust in order to reduce complaints and failure costs. This comprehensive overview, sorted by complaint type, department, linked order and failure costs, among others, is created in no time.

  • Gain immediate insight for any given period into gross margins and areas of added value 
  • Set targets per customer, per quarter. 
  • On an annual basis, monitor the evolution of your turnover and the operational functionality of your production
  • Technical margin follow-up of your customers
  • Consult details and analyse specific quotations or orders, customer calls and follow-ups, etc.
  • User-friendly: compiling reports is quick and easy
  • Clear scores: results are immediately visible per commercial employee, customer or other available variables
  • Predictable results: enter, copy and adjust forecasts efficiently and keep your print media company on track
  • Reduction of complaints and failure costs: thanks to clear complaint and failure cost reporting, unnecessary costs and time lost are quickly identified and minimised
  • Quickly available information: reports can be easily exported or printed from MultiPress