Central management of customer files

Every pre-calculation, quotation and order is surrounded by a lot of digital information. It is therefore crucial to steer this digital information flow in the right direction, so that the necessary data and documents are immediately available at any moment.

Fileserver Connectivity by MultiPress automatically associates a digital folder structure with each new pre-calculation, quotation and order. You can modify this folder structure yourself, and it collects and organises all related information in a central location. This greatly increases the efficiency of the entire process: all e-mails can be called up easily and the correct images and PDF files are immediately available. The files remain available even after the order is archived. This way, searches are much faster and customer requests can be answered quickly and efficiently.

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Within MultiPress, the entire workflow can be automated and the MultiPress Fileserver is only one piece of the automation puzzle. With the following modules you can further automate your workflow:

  • File management
  • Check & Repair
  • Imposition engine
  • Job Definition Format (JDF/JMF)

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With its well-organised folder structure, Fileserver Connectivity lays a solid foundation for a highly efficient order process. In each phase of the process, all necessary information is always available centrally, without having to search for it.

  • Overview and structure: collect and organise all necessary details related to a calculation, quotation or order in one central location
  • Save time: set up the folder structure yourself - this saves your organisation a lot of searching because all the information is immediately available
  • Fast and accurate: respond more quickly to customer requests, provide correct calculations and competitive quotes and then process the order efficiently and as agreed
  • Transparent and uniform: A well-organised and linked way of processing information creates clarity for all concerned, both inside and outside your organisation. This prevents misunderstandings and errors, and saves time and money.