Fast and accurate invoicing is a prerequisite for timely payments. With MultiPress, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips and highly automated invoice creation.

Creating invoices is lightning-fast with MultiPress. It is also possible to make agreements at customer level about the invoicing method, e.g. frequency. Some customers prefer a collective invoice at the end of the month, while others may prefer to receive their invoices on a daily or weekly basis.

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MultiPress makes it possible to fully automate invoicing per customer. You can even adapt the layout of your invoice to the wishes of individual customers: should the invoice number be displayed in the top right-hand corner, or the total amount printed in an extra large font? All possible!

In addition, every conceivable function is possible in MultiPress, such as grouped invoicing (for customers who prefer to receive only one monthly invoice), partial invoicing, split invoicing and pro forma invoicing.

MultiPress also records all orders, purchase prices and deliveries at order level. The details of an order are taken over fully automatically in the invoicing module, but they remain editable if there are additional costs.

  • Fast and correct: all order data needed for the invoice is immediately available and always up to date
  • Save time and avoid errors: no more time is lost having to search for information. You avoid any additional costs being incomplete or not charged or can identify any orders not yet invoiced. 
  • Efficient and complete: by highly automating the invoicing process, you save time and avoid mistakes and errors
  • Customisation: you easily adapt the way you create your invoices to the wishes of the individual customer in terms of frequency and display