Calculate a clear hourly cost for each machine with MultiPress

In a market where margins are under pressure, machine hourly costing plays a key role.

With a clear understanding of total costs, you are able to assess the ROI of new investments, make more accurate quotations and make a well-informed choice on the most profitable machine to use in production per order.

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MultiPress has a unique costing module that allows you to calculate the hourly cost in MultiPress itself. You enter the operating costs in detail, after which the module automatically calculates the correct cost price.

Cost variables can include specific items such as replacement value, machine life, depreciation and production costs per square metre. You can also enter all kinds of other costs into the module - direct, indirect, labour, machine, overhead and personnel. 

The result is a highly accurate hourly cost price calculation. It is also possible to adjust the data based on post-calculation, increasing the accuracy.

The MultiPress costing module is extremely flexible. Among other things, you can use it to create simulations of alternative situations.

For example, you can simulate the costs of new machines, new employees, reorganisations and future investments. So you always have the right information for your business decisions.

  • Informed choices: make informed decisions thanks to simulations of future investments
  • Clear ROI: the payback period of investments is clearly displayed
  • Competitive advantage: know the exact margins for your products with accurate cost price calculations
  • More efficient operations: use the machine-hourly costing to quickly determine on which machine an order is most profitable