Automated traceability

All types of paper, from raw materials to semi-finished and finished products, are managed with a unique pallet identification number. At each process step, individual rolls, batches or pallets are then utilised, produced and labelled and can be traced. In combination with the electronic machine counters, this process can be further automated with MultiPress.

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Paper producers can use this unique identification number to help manage even the most complex customer requirements in the area of logistical labelling and traceability, for example GS1 or hygiene standards. 

  • Unique identification number for each roll, batch, pallet
  • Tracking of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products
  • Planning or recording of all rolls, batches and pallets used
  • Continuous traceability of single rolls, batches and pallets for quality assurance
  • Automated and accurate tracing to the nearest millimetre with machine connection
  • Complete customer-specific logistics marking with roll, cardboard or pallet labels