Manage your contacts centrally and in a structured way

With the Relationship Management module, you can manage all relevant information about your customers, prospects and suppliers in a centralised and structured manner. You no longer lose valuable time sifting through spreadsheets, e-mails and databases. Every form of communication, from letters to telephone calls, is stored centrally in the RM module so that your team has all the necessary and detailed information to hand.

This centralised approach ensures more satisfied customers, maximum efficiency and better results!

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MultiPress provides you with a complete customer management package in which all contacts, correspondence, quotations, appointments and important documents are managed. Complaints can be registered and tasks delegated. For example, even an appointment can be planned directly from the client card and in one move, this information is sent to your smartphone.  The Fileserver connectivity in MultiPress stores all your client's documents, logos and images. In short, MultiPress has a user-friendly solution for every problem! 

  • Manage your contacts, mail codes, private addresses,... single and combined
  • Impress your customers and prospects by how efficiently you are able to manage your communications and efficiently manage appointments  
  • Link delivery addresses with the contact person and the dates of delivery
  • Take advantage of a unique insight into financial parameters
  • Keep an overview of requested quotations, missed orders and reasons for failure and thus streamline your printing processes.
  • Central management of your customer data: you have access to a comprehensive set of data including contacts, mail codes, addresses and appointments for all of your prospects, customers and suppliers
  • Up-to-date and accessible: the latest information is always available when your teams need it.
  • Saving time and acting more efficiently: the structure of the CRM system is easily searchable, allowing you to react quickly and specifically to every request
  • Clear financial parameters : all necessary financial information is ready to link to your accounting package (e.g. VATdata and company number) 
  • Improve your performance and results: analyse the history of requested quotations versus missed orders, or of visits to customers versus the chance of success.  Discover reasons for failure and improve your results

Features of Relationship Management (CRM)

Relationships & Contacts

Manage your contacts centrally

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Engage with your customer

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Gain new insight into your finances

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Price Agreements

Avoid incorrect quotations

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Ship fast, deliver on time

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Document Management

Manage your digital archive

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MultiPress Mobile

Consult MultiPress mobile

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Complaint Management

Address complaints proactively

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Image Storage

Work together with your customer

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Intelligent Search Filter

Search with variable search values

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Product and Prepress Management

Manage your current stock

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Contact Information Management

Manage your correspondence

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Telephone integration

Call directly from MultiPress

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Prospecting and acquisition

Find more quality leads and prospects

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