Increasingly, customers are asking for electronic invoicing via a Procurement Access Point (AP). With MultiPress, you deliver the information from your invoice to your customer's digital procurement environment in the agreed manner, so that the data can be processed easily, quickly and error-free in their system.

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Creating invoices is lightning-fast with MultiPress. All the necessary data is collected and displayed immediately.

You can choose manually or fully automatically which order or orders to generate an invoice. All the necessary data is collected and displayed immediately. You can view the post-calculation and, if necessary, add extra lines of text or adjust data on the invoice.

Generating a partial invoice or combining several orders on a collective invoice is also easy and fast

PEPPOL stands for Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine. The network was set up as a test project by the European Commission in 2008. Organisations which are connected to PEPPOL can exchange business documents, such as various electronic files, via the safe and highly secure international network.

To send e-invoices via the PEPPOL network, you must first be connected to a PEPPOL Access Point. With MultiPress you can now enjoy the guaranteed security of this network and handle e-invoices faster, more securely and in an automated way. 

The link between Storecove and Dataline means that every printing company can now handle electronic invoices in an automated, fast and secure way, while also having access to the PEPPOL network. 

  • Error-free processing: correctly submitting the digital invoice information to a digital purchasing environment (AP) ensures fast and error-free processing of your invoices by your customer
  • Fast and efficient: by sending digital invoices largely automatically, you save a lot of time and speed up payment of your invoices