Are you able to see the current status of an order at a glance? With MultiPress there is no unnecessary walking back and forth and consultation with employees. Your staff can concentrate fully on their own tasks while the progress of the order is guaranteed.

An accurate order status saves your employees a lot of research and therefore time. MultiPress automatically assigns a status to each order that is created. This status is updated continually during the production process. The order status is always entered correctly. This is done via a JMF enabled machine, a barcode scanner or a mouse click. You can also use barcodes to do the time registration automatically.

Thanks to the automatic order status capability in MultiPress all users in the company can see at a glance what stage an order is at. No matter how many orders are dealt with at the same time and with each one's status changing regularly, progress control in your company will be effortless.

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  • Save time: manual search of the order location is a thing of the past
  • Optimal communication: Improved flow of real-time production status information
  • Cost savings through fewer errors: Exceptions are spotted and corrected more quickly
  • User-friendly: statuses change automatically at each process step, or with just one click of the mouse
  • Overview and control: Progress monitoring of an order is visually displayed
  • Speed and efficiency: Real-time overview of employees, machines, operations and orders